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Geant4 Basics - Installation and Quickstart

Geant4 is a powerful C++ toolkit for the simulation of the interactions of energetic particles passing through matter, from scientific particle accelerators to medical radiation therapy. The Geant4 toolkit is developed and maintained by the Geant4 collaboration and is entirely open source. While Geant4 is an extremely sophisticated toolkit, it can be a little difficult to figure out where to get started. This site is here to help you get productive with your first Geant4 simulation as quickly as possible.

An Introduction to Geant4

If you are a little bit unsure what Geant4 is, how it works and whether it is the right tool for your project, read an introduction to Geant4, by the Geant4 collaboration. If you already know that Geant4 is the tool you are looking for and you are eager to get stuck in, skip ahead to the Installation Guide or the Quickstart Tutorial.
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Installation Guide

If you have decided to go ahead and give Geant4 a go, our Installation Guide will tell you what software you need, how to set up you development environment and how to compile your first Geant4 Code. Eventually, we will provide links for installation guides to all the supported plattforms, although currently we do focus on Windows 7 / Windows 8, since for those systems the process is the most involved.
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Geant4 Quickstart Guide

Once you have all your software set up, it is time to go ahead and write your first Geant4 code. The Quickstart Tutorial will show you how to write a very simple Geant4 application throwing a high energy proton at a lead cube.
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