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About Geant4-Resources

Geant4-Resources is a website dedicated to the Geant4 particle physics simulation toolkit. It provides a Geant4 installation guide and quickstart tutorial to help you get to grips with this sophisticated software as quickly and easily as possible, as well as some more advanced tips and tutorials. One of the major features of this site is the Wisp GUI which is designed to allow you to harness some of the power of Geant4 without ever having to write any code.

The Geant4 toolkit itself is being developed by the Geant4 Collaboration. Geant4-Resources is not affiliated with the Geant4 Collaboration. It is an independent site run by users and developers of the Geant4 toolkit.

The Geant4 toolkit is being consistently developed and expanded and supports many different plattforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). Consequently, content on Geant4-Resources.com is intended to be plattform-independent as well. Where content is necessarily plattform dependent (such compiling or deploying a project), the plattform is specified. Usually, screenshots will be from a Windows 8.1 machine, since this is the plattform we use for most of our own development work.