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Geant4 Tutorials and Applications

In order to help you get started with developing your Geant4 skills, this page provides a number of tutorials which were given as part of a number of Geant4 introductory courses. If you have not yet installed Geant4, go to the Geant4 Basics page or to the Geant4 Installation Guide.


A relatively new part of the Geant4 toolkit is Geant4 Condensed Matter Physics, or G4CMP for short. If you are interested in the interactions of energetic particles with condensed matter systems such as crystals or semiconductors, check out the G4CMP page.

Geant4 Tutorials

Tutorial Description
Windows Installation Guide [PDF] A short overview of how to install Geant4 on a Windows machine
Quickstart Guide[HTML] A very short walkthrough for building your first ever Geant4 application.
A Simple Geant4 Application [PDF] How to build a very simple application including physics list, detector construction and particle generation.
Materials Tutorial [PDF] Defining materials based on elements, isotopes and mixtures, as well as loading materials from the NIST Materials Database.
Primary Particle Tutorial [PDF] How to define a primary particle, generate a primary vertex, use G4Particle Gun, G4GeneralParticleSource and build decay tables.
Physics and Processes (Advanced) [PDF] Hadronic and electromagnetic processes. Different process types (continuous, discrete, at-rest). Defining your own processes.